River Dog Inn Prices

River Dog Inn works hard to provide top quality dog care.  Discounts are available for multiple dogs and multiple visits.  Our professional daycare evaluation is free.

We supervise the daycare dogs with an attendant in every yard, have a professional trainer evaluate the pups prior to daycare attendance, and encourage our clients to watch their daycare babies play via webcams.

Our 24 hour security and fire monitoring services, experienced staff, and tall fences separating the play yards provide peace of mind for you and your pups.  Your furry family members deserve nothing less.

For your convenience, we have provided a printable PDF price list.  Daycare is included in the cost of boarding.

Click to open printable PDF Price List

 Per Day 

1 Dog $25 /Day

2 Dogs $43 /Day    ($21.50/Day)

3 Dogs $60 /Day     ($20/Day)

4 Dogs $76 /Day      ($19/Day)

1/2 Day $15/Dog

10 Days  

$ 190 ($19/Day)

$ 360 ($18/Day)

$ 510 ($17/Day)

$ 640 ($16/Day)


30 Days 

$465 ($15.50/Day)

$840 ($14.00/Day)

$1220 ($13.55/Day)

$1560 ($13/Day)


Boarding - Includes Daycare

4’ x 7’ Luxury Suite                                         

1 Dog $38/Day                                                      

Each Additional Dog, $25/Day                             

Boarding Discounts for 10 Days or More



Large Kennel

1 Dog $30/Day

Each Additional Dog, $25/Day




Deluxe Spa Groom                                 Spa Bath                               Mini Groom 
      $45 - $85                                             $25 -$50                                  $35 - $70

Please visit our grooming page for specific grooming information. Prices vary by size, coat and grooming preferences.

Call us today at 901-748-5934 to Book a Spot for your Dog Daycare, Dog Grooming and/or Dog Boarding needs.  You can also Schedule a Visit to tour our Dog Daycare Center.