The River Dog Team

Kathy Kabel, Owner of River Dog Inn

I have worked hard for five years to open a Dog Daycare Center, Boarding and Grooming facility in downtown Memphis. Being a native Memphian who saw the need in 2011 for a Downtown daycare center, I pursued a property in the South Main district and received the required zoning variance from the city. However, finalizing the lease proved to be a challenge. As often happens, it all worked out for the best.

It is so exciting to finally have a 12,000 square foot building to groom, entertain, exercise, and pamper all the great Downtown Memphis dogs. As a life-long animal lover and pet parent, dogs are very close to my heart. After studying Marketing at the University of Memphis, I was a Marketing Specialist at FedEx for 14 years.  Leaving FedEx to stay home with two amazing daughters, I opened a pet care business catering to pets staying in their own homes and volunteered at the Humane Society.

I love taking care of dogs full-time, working with compassionate dog lovers and bringing my three dogs to work with me every day.  I am living my dream!

Support Staff

Brittney Michelle has always had a life-long love for animals. When given the opportunity to become a professional dog groomer a couple of years ago, she knew it was the right career path for her. Brittney has an amazing personality, creative styling techniques, and hair coloring on dogs. Everyone, including the dogs, loves her grooming.

Lee is a dog lover, big time coffee drinker and avid runner. Lee  graduated from the University of Memphis with a master in English, but later realized caring for dogs was her true passion. She has a lot of experience working with dogs including daycare and sitting in clients’ homes. She has an adorable dog of her own and can’t wait to take care of yours!

Diane is Kathy’s self-less sister and volunteer extraordinaire. Diane retired from her “real job” at FedEx in 2004. She has always loved and owned dogs with three residing with her now. She finds helping at River Dog Inn both rewarding and fun. As the volunteer at large, Diane embraces every job assigned to her; “my goal is to help in any way I can to provide safe, fun, and loving care for your puppy dog babies and pals.”

Marian is a biology major from the University of Memphis. Marian has worked at the zoo for years and has been an animal lover since youth. She dog sits for friends and loves her furry pals! The outdoors, watching basketball, and local events are some of her favorite past times.

Lana is a sophomore at the University of Memphis. It is impossible for her to meet a dog and not fall in love. She has had six dogs in her twenty years and recently rescued her seventh! With no intention of stopping at seven, she hopes to have many, many more. Lana is excited to work at a doggy daycare and even more excited that she gets to share this experience with her mom.

Call us today at 901-748-5934 to Book a Spot for your Dog Daycare, Dog Grooming and/or Dog Boarding needs.  You can also Schedule a Visit to tour our Dog Daycare Center.